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Taylor and I have been overwhelmed by the great response to our first book! Please see what others have had to say after reading “Gaining Perspective….Lessons I’m Learning from Taylor”. If you’d like to be featured on our page, please send us your comments to:taylorsperspective@gmail.com and we’ll happily post them here! Thanks again for all the inspiration you’ve given ME by sending these comments!

1. Robert R Watkins said: The Watkins family could be your biggest fan group! We have ordered several times for kids, grandkids and ourselves! Great lessons for any age group!

2. Esther S. said: Hi David and Leslie, I just read your book and can’t wait for my 11 year old son to come home from basketball to read it. what a great message for young kids and a great reminder for old ones!

3. Kelly B. said:
 Hi David, I just thought I’d let you know that I read your book while I was traveling last month during my down time, on the airplane and while relaxing.For me, it was a refreshingly insightful look at life from a very different angle. Not what I expected, which made me like it even more! Made me laugh, made me cry… But more than that, your book really had a great message throughout that reminded me how to slow down, appreciate and be grateful for every beautiful day.

4.. Wendy L said:Read your book and my first thought was “He figured it out”!!! I guess we all have to learn the more you give of yourself, the more you get back. Warm regards. Wendy

5. Mari S. said: Leslie. I am crying. What a beautiful thing. I don’t think I have ever told you this before; I reference David sometimes when I meet with families who are struggling. I never knew David well, but when you married, you were both young. You were (are!) quite beautiful and David was (from an outside perspective) all about all things beautiful. Fancy car, shiney jewelry, gym, tanning – so much about appearances. Frankly, I thought he lacked depth. When Taylor was born, and as time passed I held my breath, anticipating the worst. This was soo not how David envisioned his life, and I just couldn’t see him accepting it. I could not have been more wrong, and I understood that the first time I saw him with her. And everytime since. Your family – all of you – are a model for others. A model of acceptance and pride and family, and I am honored to be a friend. M

6.. Becky Z said: Hey! I read your book David!!! I enjoyed it a great deal. Your family is one of the best on the planet!!! When I was young and going through tough times, your family took such wonderful care of me. You encouraged me to keep a positive and loving attitude. You also kept me busy with fun activities that took my mind off my own problems and instead focus on your sweet little girls.I think about your family a lot. I also think about your calls to me when I was going through a separation. Even though we never had a lengthy conversation, just the fact that you called reminded me to keep positive and love. I often wish I had a better way to express my appreciation to your family!!! For now, please let Leslie and the girls know you all have a very special place in my heart…and always will. Your friend, Becky

7. Hartley K said: I am as proud of you as any father could be.

8. Miriam K. said: Dear David! I am so proud of you and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my copy of Gaining Perspective. Much love!

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