This book contains 14 lessons on perspective from someoneĀ who has a much different vantage point than you or I.

Learn in 14 simple chapters, a different way of looking at the world, others around you and yourself.

A new book on making your daily life better!

A perfect gift for:

  • Yourself
  • A teen or adolescent searching for his or her path
  • A person struggling with divorce, a broken romance or love lost
  • Anyone with challenges with food, drugs or alcohol
  • Anyone who feels the need to seek a different point of view that can help them make daily choices


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  1. Andreas

    Dear David and Leslie,
    I am looking forward to reading this. Just reconnected with Leslie on FB after 30 years since we were in high school together, and glad to be enriched by such a thoughtful work from her life and experiences. Hope Taylor and family continue to grow and thrive.

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